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Well hello there!

2010-11-23 05:34:03 by ANERDCALLEDFRED

Hello! Welcome to my profile! *queue cheer* I am a superly cool person who landed on newgrounds not to long ago. Anyway, not to long ago, I started to create backgrounds. I came along pretty well with gimp, and after finding out about layers and overlays and the such, I came up with a couple of backgrounds. Visit my deviantart for all my backgrounds, (I am to lazy to change all my bmp's to JPEG's) go there for all of them, and have fun viewing my profile!

Please don't report my for site promoting, Because i'm not. I'm just lazy is all.


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2010-11-23 05:38:12

im sry. i dont know anyone....i think.....anyway i just thought i'd say hi: Hi!! XD


I didn't know how hard it was to flash animate, and I don't know how to put songs in animations yet. So for now, there will be no song. Thanks anyway! :D


2010-11-23 06:48:18

Hi. I don't know anyone, sorry. :( Just passing by your profile. :D


:D Oh well. I was high on life that day, and I also didn't know how hard flash creating is. So i figured that I shouldn't be lazy, and I should find my own songs. :) Thanks anyway!